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Aggregated Teen Residential Treatment Center Reviews

Why Aggregated Reviews?

As a parent looking for a residential treatment center for my son, I was astounded at how difficult it was to find reviews of the residential treatment centers I was researching – they either didn’t exist, or they were spread throughout miscellaneous websites all over the internet.

One here, and one there.. And then, many of the best reviews (positive and negative) were even hidden, or difficult to find.  When researching, I was actually combining all of the reviews I could find into one place so I could have a clearer picture of what people were saying.

Later, after giving advice over and over to parents needing help for their kids, I decided to use what I had learned and build a website to help other parents.  And now we have teentreatmentreviews.com a non-profit service using state-of-the-art aggregating software to find and combine reviews from all over the Internet into one place.

We Dig Up Reviews

There are literally thousands of websites that host reviews for companies and businesses that they have listings for.  These are business directories similar to yellowpages.com built on a database of all businesses in the US.  Because there are so many of these directories, it is rare that more than one or two reviews end up on the same directory and those directories that aren’t seen on Google’s search results are literally buried in all of the search results.  We dig them up and pull them together in one place  using our own proprietary technology (beta).

A Clearer Picture

The good part of the internet is that anyone can say anything – the bad part is also that anyone can say anything.  So who can we trust? We’re used to seeing reviews of everything we buy such as on amazon.com or places we stay like on tripadvisor.com – and with all the reviews in one place (good or bad) it’s much easier to get a clear picture of the subject in question.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Our proprietary aggregating software searches out and finds reviews wherever they exist and posts them as they are directly from the original source which is indicated at the end of each review.

No reviews are omitted or able to be changed by the business owner.  However, we do allow owner responses to reviews of 1-3 stars which may appear below the review.  Verified Reviews indicated by a red badge are those in which our staff has been in contact with persons involved with the review, usually by email or phone.

You Decide

Our intent is not to sort out or rate the best treatment options for your situation, rather it is to simply show a clearer picture of what people are saying in the thousands of business review sites they may be found on.  It’s up to you to decide what’s the best solution for your situation and your needs.

what parents ask regularly about

Where do your reviews come from?

We get reviews from all over the web.  If you’ve been looking around you will find dozens of independent websites where parents have left reviews (good and bad) for different programs and schools. Our system pulls them all together into one place, but it also allows visitors to leave reviews themselves if they choose to do so.

Are your reviews edited?

No, the reviews are pulled automatically into our system from where they are found – But we do allow individual programs and residential treatment centers to respond to reviews if they wish. Often many of the negative reviews contain information within the review itself that shows the review is biased, inaccurate, etc.  for example, a person saying they went to the school in 1996 when it is only a 2 year old program.  So we allow programs to add a response of their own to clarify things like that.

Do you have ALL of the reviews for a particular program?

Not always.  We use an automated system to search for and find reviews, but directory sites for businesses regularly pop up all over the internet, so when Google indexes their site we’ll be able to find it, but it always takes time.  If you find a place that contains a lot of reviews dedicated to teen residential treatment centers, let us know and we’ll make sure we include their reviews.

Do you get paid for including these reviews?

No, we get paid by the traffic that comes through our websites and advertising that shows up periodically for things our visitors have searched for on Amazon, eBay and similar websites.  Our goal is to make an informative website that is useful to searchers and fairly represents the thoughts and opinions of people who have used services they are researching.

Why don’t you have a directory to see all of the programs on your site?

Our website isn’t designed to be a directory of programs or residential treatment centers – there are other websites for that.  Our website is only for people researching a particular program or treatment center, so it will only show up on Google when searching for a program or treatment center by name along with all of the other relevant information about that particular program or treatment center.

Residential Treatment Center Reviews
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